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Licensing opportunities

In-/Out Licensing

PCM Pharma Consulting & Management offers licensing opportunities for pharmaceuticals and products in the pharmaceutical industry:

- Active pharmaceutical ingredients

- Ethical pharmaceuticals

- OTC pharmaceuticals

- Haemodialysis

- Veterinary

- Dietary supplements

- Dermocosmetics

- Phyto Extracts


Above mentioned products are limited examples. In case of interest in other products we will be happy to discuss further possibilities.


Products offered and the search of products are on behalf of our clients.

Information on products and countries on special request.

Offers are only for countries with no opposing patent restrictions.

Follow the links to learn more about these products.


Feel free to Contact us to discuss your needs.


Regulatory status, indications and product information may vary from country to country.

Product descriptions provide basic information and are not usage instructions.

Please observe the officially approved product information.